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Screenshot of Lizzie and Leigh who will be discusingg Desk Research and Exploration in this video

Desk Research and Exploration

Work out where to start, when to make a change, how to save time. Identify your needs, and move forward.

Justify the Business Case

Build the business case for your HR needs. What does success looks like?

Photo of Lizzie and Leigh who will be discussing the supplier beauty parade in this video

Supplier Beauty Parade (RFI)

Create a long-list of possible suppliers. Don’t get bogged down or swept away with sales.

Photo of Paul and Leigh who will be discussing organisational structure in this video

Organisational Structure

Get ahead by flushing out any changes to jobs, structures or processes.

Photo of Paul and Leigh who will be discussing the supplier shortlist in this video

Supplier Shortlist (RFP)

Create a shortlist and request more in-depth information from suppliers.

Photo of Paul and Leigh who will be discussing organisational structure in this video

HR Data

Don’t underestimate the time it will take to check, and clean up your data. Data Protection is an increasingly hot topic, so make sure you’re in control.

Photo of Steve and Paul who will be discussing how to negotiate with HRIS vendors


Avoid pitfalls in negotiation, and balance pricing with partnership. Make sure you’re clear on delivery approach and ongoing support as well as the raw tech.

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Photo of Paul and Steve who will be discussing procurement in this video

Procurement and Contracts

Navigate procurement and contract with care and pragmatism. Don’t forget the importance of data protection but try not to lose the essence of the partnership agreement.


Excel Cheat Sheet

Most used 'shortcuts' and 'formulas' when using Excel in HR


HR Tech Jargon Translator

Cut through the smoke and mirrors and gobbledegook of HR Tech jargon.


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