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The Modern World of Employee-Centric HR technology

‘HR software used to be designed for HR managers; today, it is designed for employees’.
(Josh Bersin, HR Technology: The Definitive Guide)

It’s no secret that HR technology has come a long way since inception. With 95% of organisations confirming that they are currently using or planning on using a HR software, HR systems are the back bone to the functionality of the people management department. This comes as no surprise given the ever-changing landscape of work and the need for organisations to be agile and adaptable to successfully manage their workforce – especially in the post-pandemic hybrid working world.

While it is evident that HR technology has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’, the last few years have seen HR systems shift towards an employee-centric revolution. When HR technology was first introduced to the world, it was originally designed as an administrative tool to help people managers with payroll processing and employee records management. It was often seen as clunky and difficult to use – something that was more of a hindrance than a help. But now, with the rise of user friendly, employee-focused features such as career road maps, performance planning and in-app communication tools, it has evolved into a powerful set of tools that engages employees and empowers them to manage their individual careers.

What has driven the shift to an employee-centric HR tech era?

This employee-focused evolution has been driven by a number of factors, including the increasing importance of employee experience, the rise of the millennial workforce, and the need for HR to be more strategic.

In today’s competitive landscape, HR systems that focus on the needs of employees helps organisations retain and recruit top talent. And with millennials now making up a majority generation, employers need to ensure their HR strategy aligns with this tech-native workforce. This means integrating technology into employees’ everyday working lives and giving them an enjoyable employee experience to support their productivity and career development.

Five ways HR technology has become more employee-driven

  1. While early generations of HR technology were often difficult for employees to use (and most of the time, required a lot of training), the latest generation of HR systems are much more user-friendly and designed for engagement. Gone are the days where you need to be IT proficient to work your way around a HR software. It has evolved to cater to all different types of users – tech savvy or not. Additionally, HR systems can now be branded by the company, meaning that they fit in with the organisation’s overall look and feel.
  2. HR technology is now built with a range of tools to promote employee engagement. With the integration of surveys and in-app communication, it is easy for employees to provide feedback, share their voice and keep in up-to-date with company news all accessible through their own mobile device.
  3. Previous HR systems were focused on process and compliance and were often used to track employee data and payroll. Today’s HR systems have evolved and are much more comprehensive. They also provide employee’s access to their performance history/planning and career maps, and are designed to empower employees to take control of their own performance and careers.
  4. As HR systems are now designed for mobile use, it makes it easier for employees to engage with and access information without having to go through their managers, HR, or be in the office. For instance, with mobile use, employees can book their leave or update their personal information without having to be near their working device (or office).
  5. Another major change has been the increasing the use of analytics through HR systems. People Managers are now able to use the data retrieved from the software to identify trends and patterns in employee behaviour, allowing them to make better decisions about hiring, training, and talent management.

So, if you’re looking to implement or upgrade your HR technology, be sure to look for a software that is designed with the employee experience in mind. And don’t forget about engagement! Make sure your HR system includes features that will help engage and motivate your workforce, as with employee-centric HR technology, you can attract and retain the best talent while making your job a whole lot easier.

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